Alright people, listen up. I keep seeing Monaco tagged or talked about as either a colony or a micronation.

Okay, first off, Monaco was never a colony of France or Spain. Monaco was a protectorate of Spain for a time, and as of now she has a partnership with France, but she is not and nor was she ever a colony!

As for being a micronation—good god people, if she’s a micronation then so’s Liechtenstein, but I don’t see anyone calling her one! Monaco is a sovereign nation and also principality. What is a principality?

"Principality: noun: a state ruled by a prince.”

Monaco has been a sovereign nation for years, with its own ruling monarchy (hell the actress Grace Kelly was the princess for years!), and the only reason the nation is so small is because France forcibly took some of the land. Currently they have a sort of partnership where Monaco is protected by France’s military, much the same as Liechtenstein is protected by Switzerland.

Monaco is recognized in the UN and the EU as a sovereign nation, and has many consulates throughout the world.

Please, people, for the love of all that is good, do your research.

This goes for all nations but especially for smaller, less known nations!i