theretardedcroissant said: 

YES YES I FEEL YOU. ABOUT THE LAST PARAGRAPH, THAT IS. I’ve seen a lot of people call her Emilie or Charlotte, but my favourite name for her is Angélique (or any combination with that name, such as Marie-Angélique).

Angélique was actually on my original ~*~*~LIST OF PROSPECTIVE NAMES~*~*~ when I started RPing Monaco, but in the end, all I could envision was that snooty Christmas tree angel from the Beauty and the Beast Christmas movie, lmao. :’D

And tbh, I just don’t find Emilie or Charlotte all that fitting for her. Even though they’re both technically Romance-language-based names, I’ve associated them with too many British people over the years for them to work for me. ;u; 

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